Having worked in the Health and Nutrition field as a weight loss consultant for 18 years I have seen the benefits a healthy and active lifestyle has on ones physical and mental health. The b7active range was my brainchild during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Through the early weeks of lockdown when uncertainty and anxieties were high the idea of the brand came to me. Exercise has always been my crutch during hard times and now more than ever it was needed. With gyms shut this meant relying on the outdoors and getting out of my comfort zone. 

I wanted to be able to put on my activewear and run! However, I didn’t want to compromise on the high standard of activewear I was used to working out in.

I realised combining high quality activewear with modesty was a big challenge. And so, b7active was born - Modest activewear that you can go out for a run, bike ride or even a swim. Without any compromises! 

It was important to me that my modest activewear range would be created to be high quality, lightweight, climate controlled with non-transparent air venting and with reflective logos for visibility. This took months of planning, designing and working with top quality manufacturers to bring the best products to the market. 

It all started with designing the weightless sports skirt which provides a modest way to go about your daily schedule and straight on to a workout without having to go home to get ready and run the risk of changing your mind to exercise (Coz let’s face it, that happens!)

Also, for those who know how unforgiving leggings are, the sports skirt will give the confidence to wear them and workout. 

I am also thinking of those dress down Fridays/Sundays when you just fancy the comfort of activewear whilst giving the impression you’ve been active!

Watch this space...for the ongoing expansion and evolution of my luxe activewear brand. 

Dress as you mean to go on!

Stand out. Blend in.

Batsheva xx